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Windows in Kendal

Explore premium double-glazing solutions in Kendal with TLC Windows.

Benefit from our 10-year warranty, skilled installers, and vast expertise for a secure, efficient, and modern home transformation. Contact us today!

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Expert Windows in Kendal

Our team of experts delivers high-quality windows in Kendal that not only enhance home security but also improve your living space with a touch of modern aesthetics.

While your existing windows may be functional, they can lose efficiency over time. Advances in technology ensure that new windows not only look better but also offer improved performance and energy efficiency.

Absolutely, our uPVC windows play a pivotal role in maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature. We use specially designed glass that minimizes heat loss and reduces excessive heat in the summer, ensuring a consistent and pleasant environment regardless of the weather.

Condensation forms when glass is colder than the surrounding air. Our double-glazed windows are designed to maintain a higher temperature on the inside pane, minimising condensation. Keeping your windows and indoor space warm helps prevent condensation.

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Why choose us

We Do High-Quality Windows In Kendal For...

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Double glazing for doors greatly enhances both security and noise reduction. Our custom solutions blend functionality and visual appeal, improving the overall performance and aesthetics of your doors.

home extension in Morecambe


Improve your living space with TLC Extensions. Discover our expert solutions that provide year-round comfort, enhanced sound insulation, and a perfect fusion of style and practicality for your home extension.

Conservatory in Morecambe


Our windows for conservatories guarantee year-round comfort, temperature regulation, energy savings, and enhanced soundproofing. Our personalised solutions establish the perfect environment for your conservatory.

The Window Options We Have

TLC Windows provides a range of window types, including Tilt and Turn, Sash, Skylight, and Bay windows, each offering unique features to complement your home.

Tilt and turn window

Tilt and Turn Windows

skylight window in Morecambe

Skylight Windows

sash window in Morecambe

Sash Windows

Bay Windows

Double Glazing in Lancaster

Many more!

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Should you have any inquiries about our services, feel free to contact our team.

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FAQs About Windows in Kendal

Discover solutions to frequently asked questions about TLC Windows and our services to make well-informed choices for your home improvement.

How do double-glazed windows prevent heat loss?

Energy-efficient home improvements, like double glazing, can lower household expenses, increase property value, and reduce your environmental impact. To transfer heat from warm spaces to cold ones, a good conductor is required. The trapped air mixed with argon gas between the glass panes serves as a poor conductor, reducing heat loss from inside the house. This results in a warmer room for longer periods. Our popular double glazing offers energy-efficient A-rated, Low-E glass, reducing noise, and your carbon footprint, and providing substantial energy savings.

What do window energy ratings indicate?

Window energy efficiency ratings follow a scale from A to G, similar to labels on household appliances. An ‘A’ rating indicates high energy efficiency, while ‘G’ is the lowest. Lower-rated windows often fail to meet building regulations. We’re confident that all our windows, irrespective of material or style, meet or exceed the recommended energy efficiency standards.

Can I get uPVC windows in different colours?

Personalise your home with a variety of uPVC window colours and finishes. Our windows come in various colours, from classic White and Cream to woodgrain foils that mimic the appearance of wood. We also offer woodgrain on white options, creating a distinct look inside and outside your home. Popular colour choices include Chartwell Green, Irish Oak, Cream, and Anthracite Grey.

How do I know when it's time to replace my double glazing?

Keep an eye out for these telltale signs that it might be time to consider replacing your double glazing. Condensation forming between the glass panes could indicate seal failure, while noticeable draughts and a drop in room temperature may signify reduced efficiency. Visible damage to the window frames or windows over 15 years old are additional indicators. Addressing these issues is essential for preserving energy efficiency and maintaining a comfortable home environment.

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Explore the thoughts of our delighted customers as they share their TLC Windows and Doors journey. Their testimonials reflect our commitment to exceptional service and customer contentment.

Our Premium Services

Explore the high-quality services offered by TLC Windows and Doors. From installation to repairs and custom solutions, we’re your trusted partner for improving your home.

Improve your home with TLC Windows. Discover our exceptional range of windows designed for style, energy efficiency, and lasting quality.

Elevate your home’s entrance with TLC Doors. Explore our exceptional range of doors designed for security, energy efficiency, and timeless style.

Trust TLC Window & Door Repairs to restore and enhance your home. Our expert repair services ensure the longevity of your windows and doors.

Your one-stop destination for premium windows and doors. Discover custom solutions that improve your home’s aesthetics and functionality.

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