Window and Door Repairs in Morecambe

It can often be worrying to notice that your windows and doors are steaming up. Luckily here at TLC Windows Ltd we are on hand to help. We have been carrying out window repairs and door repairs for our clients for over 20 years, ensuring that any issues you are facing are resolved as soon as possible.

Even though we are based in Morecambe, we can easily travel around Heysham, Lancaster and Carnforth to help repair your steamed up windows and doors.

For more details or to discuss your requirements with our team, please feel free to give us a call today on 01524 855 066.

What are Steamed Up Windows?

If you notice drip marks or smears down the inside of your double glazing, then chances are you may have an issue with condensation. Noticing steamed up windows or doors can be the first step to fixing your issues. Condensation happens when moisture from the inside your house meets a cold surface such as glass.

However, it’s when you notice moisture between the two panes of glass that you have a serious problem. This is mainly caused by either damage to the sealant used or poor installation. If this happens, then your windows will be left vulnerable to the elements and in need of replacement.

Importance of Window Repairs

Over time units will become worn and you may find yourself needing window repairs. In most cases, the best option is to replace them with a brand new double glazing unit. As well as improving the look of your home from the outside, it will help to increase the overall value. Alongside this, new windows can improve the energy efficiency of a building.

At TLC Windows Ltd we have several different units available in various colours and styles. Our team have years of experience in installation, giving you reassurance that all fittings will be completed to the highest standard.

For more about the windows we have available, visit our Window Installation page.

Repairing Your Doors

From frames catching to squeaking doors, there can be many signs that your door may need some care. Our team are experts in door repairs, working closely with you to identify issues and correct them as soon as possible. Taking care of this part of your home is crucial because it is an integral part of any security system. A weak or damaged door provides easy access for burglars, putting your possessions at risk.

Replacing your doors is simple and at TLC Windows Ltd there are several types available for you to pick from, including:

  • uPVC Doors
  • Composite Doors
  • Arched Doors
  • French Doors
  • Patio Doors
  • Bi Fold Doors
  • Emergency Doors

As well as your doors, we can also repair hinges as well as lock handles. If you notice an issue with any of these areas, do not hesitate to contact us.

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