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Double Glazing in Kendal

Explore premium double-glazing solutions in Kendal with TLC Windows.

Benefit from our 10-year warranty, skilled installers, and vast expertise for a secure, efficient, and modern home transformation. Contact us today!

Expert Double Glazing in Kendal

TLC Windows presents the highest-quality double glazing in Kendal. Our skilled professionals deliver energy-efficient solutions, enhancing home security and modern aesthetics.

Double glazing functions by incorporating two panes of glass separated by a spacer, typically 6-12mm wide, containing inert gases like argon. This gap minimises heat transfer through conduction, while restricted air circulation reduces convection, enhancing insulation and energy efficiency in your home.

It provides superior insulation, reducing heat loss and resulting in lower energy consumption and heating bills. Additionally, it enhances sound insulation, creating a quieter, more comfortable living environment. Double glazing also improves security, adds an extra layer of protection, and deters potential intruders. It minimises condensation, preserving your window frames and maintaining a clear view.

Start by contacting us, discuss your requirements and schedule a consultation. Afterwards, professional installers will visit to measure your windows, and once the product is ready, they will efficiently install it, ensuring enhanced energy efficiency and security for your home.

Reach out today to receive expert advice on improving your double glazing in Kendal. Call us at 01524 855066 or send an email to, and arrange a complimentary consultation to begin your project.

Why choose us

We Do Double Glazing In Kendal For...

doors in morecambe


Double glazing in doors significantly improves both security and soundproofing. Our tailored solutions combine functionality and aesthetic appeal, enhancing the overall performance and visual appeal of your doors.

Conservatory in Morecambe


Double glazing for conservatories ensures year-round comfort, maintains temperature, reduces energy expenses, and improves sound insulation. Our customised solutions create an ideal environment for your conservatory.

home extension in Morecambe


Improve your living space with TLC Extensions. Explore our expert solutions that offer year-round comfort, enhanced sound insulation, and an aesthetic blend of style and practicality for your home extension.

The Window Options We Have

TLC Windows provides a range of window types, including Tilt and Turn, Sash, Skylight, and Bay windows, each offering unique features to complement your home.

Tilt and turn window

Tilt and Turn Windows

skylight window in Morecambe

Skylight Windows

sash window in Morecambe

Sash Windows

Bay Windows

Double Glazing in Lancaster

Many more!

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FAQs About Double Glazing

Get answers to commonly asked questions about TLC Windows and our services to make informed decisions for your home improvement.

How do I know if I need to repair or replace my windows?

You may need window repair or replacement if your windows have issues like difficulty in opening or closing, drafts, outside noise when shut, leakage, or if they’re over 15 years old. Consult an expert for the best solution.

How does it enhance energy efficiency in my home?

Double glazing functions by trapping a layer of air between two glass panes, creating an insulating barrier that regulates indoor temperature and keeps external weather at bay. Energy-efficient double-glazed windows typically feature a frame made of materials like timber, aluminium, PVC-U, or composite, housing two sealed glass units. The energy efficiency of these windows is determined by their ability to reduce heat transfer. Our A+ rated double glazed windows can significantly reduce energy bills, heat loss, and condensation, making your home more energy-efficient.

Will installing new windows increase the value of my home?

Replacing your old windows with double-glazed windows can indeed enhance your property’s value. Double glazing is a key consideration for many potential homebuyers. While window installations typically cost around 2-3% of the home’s value (dependent on factors like style, size, and the number of windows needed), it’s an investment that can be financed over time through our payment options. In the long term, replacing old windows with new uPVC windows not only boosts your property’s value but also proves to be a cost-effective investment.

What measures do you take to ensure the security of your double-glazed windows?

Security is a top priority for us, and our uPVC double-glazed windows are designed and constructed with this in mind. Double glazing inherently provides enhanced security compared to single glazing due to its dual glass panes, making it more difficult to break. Furthermore, all our secure windows incorporate the industry-leading Yale Blade Locking system, tested to withstand the equivalent of at least 30 years of heavy use. This cutting-edge lock technology makes double-glazed windows with Yale Blade Locking three times more secure than standard window locking systems.

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